At Red Sky, we strive to be the best at what we do. And what we do includes a whole lot more than what you are used to.


Applied Research

Combining both IT engineering and sophisticated hacking, our Applied Research team is uniquely comprised of both expert IT engineering and vulnerability exploit backgrounds. Simply stated, no one is better qualified to effectively assess both tactical and strategic concerns.

Red Sky Engineering

New technology is vital in creating modern, secure solutions. But it’s people who keep these systems running smooth and healthy. Our expert engineers work hard to ensure that our technology exceeds in the ever growing demands of the digital world.

Red Sky Labs

Red Sky ensures that all the solutions we offer are validated as best-in-class. In order to maintain this strict dictum of quality, a division of Red Sky dedicates itself to testing new and existing technologies. Red Sky Lab engineers aggressively test new technologies to determine if they belong in your infrastructure. No substandard or ineffective technologies pass the tests.


Advanced / Emerging Partner Program

Red Sky works with the best established technology companies, while researching new, groundbreaking technologies. We are partner agnostic, and truly focus on providing the technologies best suited for your company’s needs.


Events and Training

From the largest IT Security conference in the Mountain West, to our Cybersecurity Roundtables, down to our technical trainings, Red Sky gives in-depth insight into cybersecurity threats and trends and the next generation of IT products and services. We provide hands on training of how to use and implement technologies to protect companies of any size; not product pitches on preferred product relationships.